Best Roof Cement For QUICK Repairs!

Best Roof Cement For QUICK Repairs!

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Best Roof Cement For QUICK Repairs!

Looking For The Best Roof Cement For Your Roof Repair?

If you are in need of making a roof repair, more than likely you will need a roof sealant that you can use to fill small holes or bond shingles back together.

I have made many many roof repairs over the years. If I need to replace some shingle or patch a small hole you can bet that I will be using a roof cement to fill old nail holes or seal shingles back together if need be.

If you are looking for information on roofing cements then you have come to the right place. Check out the roof cement reviews that follow.

Gardner Gibson Black Jack All-Weather Roof Cement

Best Overall!

Use it in the rain!


Made in the USA, this roofing cement is super easy to apply with a trowel or putty knife and can be used in any weather. Perfect for either quick or more serious roofing repairs.

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This all purpose roofing cement can handle and roofing repair job you use it on. You can use it on small holes, cracked shingle repairs or even new construction applications.

You are unable to paint over this sealant and the manufacturer recommends that when applying to large surfaces, the installer is recommended using reinforcement paper to help keep large areas in place. It’s also wise to use the proper safety precautions and wear a pair of gloves and try not to inhale any fumes.

What I Like About This Product

  • Fills Holes and Cracks On Your Roof
  • Use On Flashing, Drip Edges and Pipe Collars
  • Use on Valleys, Skylights, Chimneys and Extrusions
  • Great For Repairing Roll Roofing

Gardner-Gibson 29OZ Wet Dry Roof Cement

Made in USA!

Perfect for small emergency repairs!


Need to repair a leaky roof, even in snow or rain? This can and will do the job and hold for years to come. A premium product from an American company.

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What I like about this product is that it can be used while the surface is both wet or dry. That means if you need an emergency repair while it’s actually raining, this is the cement to get.

It provides a permanent instant repair on your roof leak or project and can be used on any type of roofing material. It is one of the best brands of roofing cement out there today.

What I Like About This Product

  • Trowel Application Consistency
  • Fiber Reinforced
  • Can Repair In Both Wet and Dry Conditions
  • 10 Year Warranty

“Through the Roof” Roof Sealant 10.5 ounce, Cartride, Clear

For Small Repairs!

Quick repair on many surfaces!


Meant for smaller quick repairs, this roofing sealant can quickly fix a hole in any weather. And although it is meant for smaller repairs, it should still last up to 10 years. Great for other types of surface repairs as well.

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This product really is “Through the Roof”. It is a high performance roof sealant. This product claims to be “Ultra Elastic” and stretches but will not crack or split and from what I see, that would be true.

It is made of a formula that keeps it from drying hard so that way it keeps it’s elasticity. It can be used for roof repair, flashing, even gutters. But you will need a caulking gun to use this.

The manufacturer, Sashco, makes this in the USA.

Another positive is that it can be applied in either wet or dry conditions. If it is raining or snowing and you find that your roof is leaking, use this product and you wont find your roof sealant running down the roof which is always a plus.

This specially designed formula is clear in color so when it dries, you will barely notice it. The company also claims that it lasts 2-3 times longer than asphalt repair material so all around you have a great product.

What I Like About This Product

  • Super Elasticity
  • Non Shrinking- Non Cracking Formula
  • Can Be Applied In Many Weather Conditions
  • Clear Color
  • Long Life Expectancy

Dap 18368 DAP Blacktop and Roof 3.0 Sealant 9.0-Ounce

Easy to use!

Works for asphalt too!


This particular sealant is more of a tar than a caulking and so can be used on your roof or even to fix cracks in your driveway.

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Dap 18368 Blacktop and Roof Sealant is a dual purpose sealer. You can use it to seal minor roof leaks and also to seal small driveway cracks. If you are going to make a repair, this sealant can be applied with a caulking gun easily, no need for any kind of power tools. Within 3 hours, the repair can be exposed to water or moisture if need be.

If you are going to make minor roofing repairs, this product is perfect for repairing any small roof leaks, holes, flashing chimneys or pipe collars. On top of being a roof repair product, you can use this to seal any small driveway cracks or even concrete decking or pool aprons.

You must make sure that the driveway is clean and no loose sandy debris. Once clean and dry you can easily apply this sealant with your caulking gun and fill the area in need.

What I Like About This Product

  • Can Be Used For Roof Repairs and Driveway Cracks
  • Has A Quick Dry Formula
  • Excellent For Roof Leaks, Roll Roofing and Metal Roofing
  • Seals Asphalt Cracks
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant

Henry Company HE208004 Wet Surface Plastic Roof Cement

Use Under Water!

Can be used under water!


This product is mainly meant for small repairs, especially ones that are wet or literally under water. So if you have a trailer or RV and there’s a standing pool of water that you need to fix now, this is the stuff!

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The Henry Company HE208004 Roof Cement is perfect if you need to make your typical roof repair such as fixing a hole, flashing chimneys, pipe collars or skylights. It does all that.

You can think of it like a soldering station for metal fixes, only for roofs.

If you have ever discovered a leak in a roof while it was pouring out, you will find that most roof cements don’t take to wet surfaces. However, this product can be applied even if it is pouring out or claims that it can even be applied while underwater.

All you need is a putty knife. to spread it around without it getting on your hands. But you do NOT need a calking gun. This comes with it’s own applicator. And although this is made in China, it really does do a great job.

Having used this product in the rain, I can personally state that yes, it works great.

What I Like About This Product

  • Apply To Any Small Roof Repair
  • Apply To Masonry
  • Apply To Metal
  • Apply To Asphalt
  • Apply To Composite Roofs
  • Apply To Skylights
  • Can Be Applied To Wet Surfaces

Any of these roofing cements are good enough to stop any roofing leaks or do any sort of quick roofing repairs. They are the best roofing cements on the market right now and you can feel safe purchasing any of these well known brands.

If you buy a different brand and think I should also review that one for my list, let me know in the comments below! Maybe it’ll also make the list and I’ll do a review for this list of the best roofing cement.

Roof Cement Q&A

What is Roof Cement Used For?

Roofing cement can be used for a lot of different types of repairs. Usually it is used to fix a leaking roof, whether it be a shingled roof or something other like metal or rolled roofing.

Most roof cement is either tar or silicone based. The tar based ones are the best for long term repairs, but are harder to apply in wet weather. Whereas the silicone based products can be used in wet or dry weather.

Another benefit of either application is that both types of sealants can be used to also repair things like flashing leaks, gutter repair and even if you have the tar based application, fixing your driveway.

How to Apply Roofing Cement?

There are two types of sealant, and each type has it’s own application methods.

For a tar or asphalt based cement like the Gardner-Gibson brand I reviewed above, you’ll need either a trowel for larger areas, or a putty knife for smaller areas. You can of course use anything flat to apply the cement, even a piece of shingle. Just be sure to wear gloves and keep the tar off your skin.

For the silicone based ones you usually need to use them with a calking gun. Some brands to have their own applicators included, but usually a calking gun is required.

Does Roof Cement Harden?

Yes, over time roof cement will harden. But that may take ten to twenty years for some products.

In order to keep it’s water proof structure, most roof cements are created not to harden. But over the years of weather and sun, almost any compound will harden. Check the warranty as this will be a guide as to how long your product should fight hardening.

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