Best Soldering Station Reviews

Our Best Soldering Stations Reviews for 2020

Soldering can be a fun hobby as well as a professional line of work. Many people use soldering stations to repair and/or create their own electronic equipment. Some people even run home shops where people take their equipment to be repaired.

Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase a soldering station of your own, we know the products we’re listing in this article will help you come to a smarter purchasing decision, and one that will get you results you can be proud of.

Soldering stations are comprised of a stand, a soldering pencil, a heating element, and a sponge. Most are designed to be fairly similar, but they can vary greatly in overall build quality and what you’re able to do with them.

So what do you need to be looking for, really, in a quality soldering station? Start by setting your budget, as in what you’re actually willing to pay for one. Then, be on the lookout for features like an LCD display, temperature preset buttons, degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius readouts, programmable features, as well as durable sponges, soldering pencils, and stands. And make sure you get a good warranty of at least a year with your purchase!

Weller, Hakko, and Aoyue are all making soldering stations that have gotten great reviews. You’ll see if you browse other reviews yourself, that these are really the only companies making soldering stations worth purchasing. Many professionals rely on these companies to give them outstanding results, and if you’re looking for a great deal, you’ll find them below.

Also, make sure to read the Amazon reviews and review the ratings to ensure you’re actually buying a product that’s going to last. There’s nothing worse than wasted money, and we invite you to do your own research into the products we’ve selected. You’ll see that they’re all backed by excellent review scores, and that’s what we use as the basis for our recommendations.

Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station Review

Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station

The Weller WEESD51 Digital Soldering Station is a professional soldering dream come true. It comes with power unit, a soldering pencil, stand, and sponge.

It works well for a variety of different applications, and with this soldering iron, you have complete control over your soldering for the exact results you need, each and every time. The included silicone rubber cord is burn-proof, and the foam grip pencil will provide you with hours of comfortable soldering.

It also comes with auto-shut off technology, making it safe to work with this soldering station over a full work day. The electronic temperature controls allow you to set the perfect temperature (between 350-850 Degrees), which is varied enough for nearly all applications. It’s accurate to within nine degrees of the set temperature, making this an accurate enough tool for professional use. Combined with other products like a mini drill press and you have a complete shop.

It also has wireless temperature lockout, which prevents excessive heat damage to your vital electronic components.

The stainless steel heating element is guaranteed not to corrode at high temps, and this soldering station is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Weller is also well known for creating some of the best soldering equipment available, and the Amazon reviews for this product attest to the high quality of this company.

Product Features:

  1. Includes Power Unit, Soldering Pencil, Stand, And Sponge
  2. Microprocessor Controlled
  3. Digital LED Readout – Temperature Setting/Actual Tip Temperature
  4. Designed For Continuous Soldering
  5. Able To Use Fahrenheit and Celsius Temp Settings And Readouts
  6. One Year Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Many soldering enthusiasts/professionals put their trust in Weller
  • Very well made and rugged – Stand is well built
  • People like this soldering station so much, they buy more than one!
  • Is compatible with a variety of different soldering tips
  • The iron is grounded to prevent static discharge problems
  • The heat will remain constant no matter how demanding your application is
  • Even after a year of soldering, this unit holds up well and continues working properly
  • Heats up fast and has plenty of power for board type applications


  • Doesn’t come with a tip cleaner embedded in the stand

Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station Review

Hakko FX888D-23BY

This is a great little soldering station that has done very well in satisfying customer expectations. Across 75 customer reviews, this item scored a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. And for the super low price tag, you really can’t go wrong. This soldering station is exactly what professionals should be looking for, and a deal from Amazon that you can really cash in on.

The Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station comes with adjustable temperature controls, a temperature range from 392-896 degrees Fahrenheit, and a ceramic heating element that heats up and cools down fast.

It also comes with an LCD display that gives you accurate Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts, padded iron handles that are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, and compatibility with a wide range of soldering tips. The tips work with both SMD and through the hole applications.

Considering the build quality and the five star customer response to the Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station, this seems to be the best buy on the market.

Product Features:

  1. 392-896 Fahrenheit Adjustable Temperature
  2. Ceramic Heating Element and Sensor
  3. Celsius and Fahrenheit Temp Display
  4. Ergonomic/Padded Iron Handles
  5. Wide Range Of Soldering Tip Compatibility
  6. Compact Space Saving Design

Final Analysis:


  • Handles heavy, frequent use like a true champion
  • Soldering pencil feels lightweight and comfortable to work with
  • Iron reaches the temperature you set in just under a minute
  • Reaches higher temperatures than “big” soldering guns
  • Can maintain a precise temperature so you don’t damage vital electronic components
  • Review score beat out even the most impressive Weller models


  • Some people say it looks more like a toy than an iron
  • Amazon doesn’t give you a choice of colors

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station Review

Weller WLC100 Soldering Station

Through the use of advanced LCD technology and high quality components, Weller has designed a nearly perfect soldering station. The Weller WD1002 Digital Soldering Station provides digital LCD readouts that are incredibly accurate and suitable for professional purposes.

This unit gives you the ability to dial in three programmable temperature presets so you can switch quickly across different soldering applications. It also has temperature standby, lockout, set-back, and offset.

The temperature reading can be set to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The tip temperature can be adjusted between 150 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, and we think you’ll be thoroughly impressed with Weller’s commitment to quality.

The Amazon reviews for this item are few, but so far it’s been well received.

Product Features:

  1. WP80 Soldering Pencil and Stand
  2. Silver Spool Heating Element
  3. Advanced LCD Screen With Fahrenheit And Celsius Readout Options
  4. 3 Programmable Temperature Presets
  5. Programmable Temperature Standby, Lockout, Set-Back, and Off-Set
  6. ESD Safety Features
  7. Made in Germany

Final Analysis:


  • Heats up quickly and tip temperature remains consistent even during demanding projects
  • Compatible with a variety of tip diameters
  • The 150 to 850 degrees of adjustment allow you to accomplish a lot
  • Sleeker and slimmer than older Weller units
  • Includes a safety holder for the iron
  • Iron is well grounded to prevent static problems
  • Up and Down buttons for temperature adjustments work very well
  • I, II, and III buttons for programmable temperature presets allow you to switch between soldering applications easily
  • Weller continues to meet and exceed customer expectations with their soldering equipment


  • Included manual isn’t all that great at explaining things
  • Doesn’t include a variety of tips (Sold Separately)

How to choose your Soldering Station

So you want to dive into soldering electronics? Great! Let me introduce you to and explain the most important tool you will need: The soldering station.

Here I explain how to wisely choose the right soldering station for your needs. There are a lot of different models and brands you can choose from, depending on your field of work and your budget.

When it comes to soldering stations you want to make sure you choose a good manufacturer and not just go for the cheapest one. I have had a lot of cheap soldering irons in my hands over time and I can assure you it is better to buy a soldering iron that is a bit more expensive than cheap ones which you will have to replace on a monthly basis. Most of them also have an uncomfortable handle or even a handle which may get hot with the time and burn your fingers.

You should also go for one where you can adjust the temperature, so that you can turn it up or down if you need to. Some components like IC’s just don’t like it too hot. For other components, especially the ones with bigger leads you may want to turn the heat up a bit, so keep this in mind while choosing. This is a really crucial point when choosing a soldering station.

If you have any soldering station related questions I’d be glad to answer them in the comments section, just drop me a line or two.


You would like to know what type of current flows in the mains of your home. you must confirm how much voltage of AC or DC current is in your house. We have a tendency to here at Kolkata have 240V AC. You may conjointly get a battery powered iron.


You may wish to grab a soldering iron with temperature controller . Some elements can die in excessive temperature and wattage. This can create your choice a touch more dear though however its a handy operate to have.


Electro-Static-Discharge Safe soldering iron is needed solely if you are working with static electricity sensitive parts like MOFSETs, CMOS, etc. These are special soldering irons which dissipate static electricity from them and hence protects sensitive components. It is not necessary for us though its upto you.

Controllable temperature:

You shall grab a soldering iron with temperature controller . Some parts can die in excessive temperature and wattage. This will build your choice a bit additional pricey though however its a handy perform to have.

Replaceable bits:

The tip of soldering iron is referred to as bit. Be certain to buy an iron with its bits replaceable in case it wears out too much or if you need to solder smaller or larger elements and would like a very fine or a thick bit.

Things to keep in mind

A soldering station is the product to choose if you mainly need to solder discrete non SMD components or are planning to expand to that later.

While choosing your soldering station there are some points to keep in mind in order to get something you can actually use and have fun with:

  1. A stand to secure your soldering iron while you are not working so it doesn’t burn you or anything else lying around.
  2. Adjustable temperature – trust me you really want that. Different Components need different temperature, so this is the main criteria you should look out for.
  3. Exchangeable tips, this is very important but nearly every soldering iron has it, that’s the reason why I put it last, but keep that in mind.

There are also a couple of criteria you might consider in case of comfort and expandability:

Display for reading the temperature.

Exchangeable pencils: there are some stations where you can change the pencils by plugging in different ones. This may be of interest if you are planning to expand to SMD soldering later.

In my opinion these are the two best brands to choose from: Weller or Hakko.

Of course there are a lot more different manufacturers, if you decide to choose one of them you are best advised to at least compare them with a similar Weller or Hakko model.

A lot of my friends bought soldering stations from ebay for 15$ or so and they showed it off very proudly, but after a few weeks they all came to me for suggestions. You see, if you once buy quality you will have it longer and have more fun with your soldering station. This goes for everything by the way.