Chop Saw Blades – What You NEED to Know!

Guide To Buying A Chop Saw Blade

Make Sure You Have the Right Chop Saw Blade

Use the Right Blade with the Right Saw

Buying a chop saw blade can be a very expensive experience, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. There is an astonishing variety of brands, saw blade types, blade features and most importantly a wide range in prices.

Hopefully this quick guide will help you steer clear of the main dangers, giving you a blade that will see you good for a while at least. After all, even if you own the very best chop saw on the market, it’s still only as good as its blade. Regardless of the quality of the saw, a dull blade means not only hurting the materials your cutting, but the motor of the saw itself due to extra friction caused by the dull blades.

Chop saws are an indispensable tool for the carpenter or do-it-yourselfer. For home use, a miter or wood saw is useful for remodeling chores, fence building or constructing outside buildings, such as a playhouse or shed. The saws can also be used with a varied selection of blades, which can cut through wood as well as metal. However, it’s important that you use the right chop saw blade , as metal blades should not be used on miter saws, nor miter blades on abrasive saws.

A Remodeling Tool

The miter chop saw, which usually is used for cutting through wood, comes with a toothed blade. If you do quite a bit of metal cutting, then you may want to consider using an abrasive saw or metal chop saw. The grinding discs for the saw wear out pretty fast and therefore must be replaced fairly regularly.

The exceptionally thin blades are typically 14 inches in diameter  and provide precise, quick cuts so jobs become more enjoyable and easier to complete. Therefore, you may want to consider using an abrasive chop saw if you plan to do some internal remodeling. For example the saw can be used to cut metal studs as framing for drywall, or it can cut through piping for do-it-yourself plumbing jobs.

The Mini Chop Saw

If you want to find a saw that will give you precision cuts for minor jobs where you need to cut metal, then you can either choose a manual tool, such as a hacksaw, or opt for a mechanized saw, such as a mini chop saw. The smaller saw costs around $30.00 and is useful if you need it for jobs where a hacksaw could also be used.

Although it doesn’t offer the same stability as a miter or metal-cutting saw, you might prefer its precision over using a hacksaw for the same job. Use it to cut through aluminum or for small plumbing jobs where small pipes need to be cut.

“Cutting” Work Time in Half

If you want to spend more time with your family and less time on tasks around the home, then considering the purchase of a miter saw, track saw, metal chop saw or even a mini saw can ease the burdens associated with home repairs and maintenance.

Making Improvements

Wood chop saws are especially nice to use for creating moldings and baseboard. You can make precision cuts fast and easy for crown molding, cove molding round molding, stop molding, lattice molding, picture molding and interior door and window trims. Therefore, any remodeling work you do can be facilitated without too much difficulty.

Simply mark the wood and begin cutting!

The index on the miter saw assists in adjusting the blade angle so you can obtain a more exact cut. Just keep in mind, when the blade is moving, that nothing other than the wood piece can come in contact with it. Also, all the protective guards should be set in place as well before use. If they’re not, postpone using the tool until the problem is fixed.

A number of chop saws and blades are available online. Take time to see the selections. There’s a saw that’s been made especially for you.