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Best Chop Saw

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BEST Chop Saws

Today, a large number of brands have brought forward new chop saws which enable us to cut even the largest diameter hard metal pipes. These are a great substitute for the older saws and give a faster and cleaner approach to cutting work.

Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, DEWALT, and Milwaukee, are the top selling brands in the chop saws industry. They are the most reliable brands presenting high durability, great ease in use, and great accuracy in cutting.

Hence, these are favorites of technicians and contractors worldwide.

Things to keep in mind when buying a chop saw…

  • First, only a good brand can offer the best chop saw for you. Cheap brands employ use of cheap chop saw blades which wear out quickly. Hence, go only for a good brand like Hitachi, Makita, Bosch, DEWALT, or Milwaukee. Only these brands deliver top performance.
  • Second, go for the correct thickness of the blade as different works require different thickness of chop saw blades. So, always check the thickness that is written on the centre of the blade of the chop saws.
  • Third, if you wish to minimize dust collection on your table, go for chop saws with a dust collector pre installed.
  • Fourth, choose the handle type you have always been comfortable with. If you have been uncomfortable with your previous saw handle, check out a few demo models in the stores, and then decide to choose your new one.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to check authentic company logos and hallmarks on the chop saw packing as well on the saw itself. Always prefer to order the saws from the official stores or websites of these brands

What Are The Best Chop Saw Brands?

Chop Saw Brands: The Makita Chop Saw and other Superior Brands

The “Power” Advantage

[toc]Obviously when deciding what type of chop saw you are after you need to decide in advance what type of use you’ll put it to. Whether it be weekend fair weather only, or regular professional, this will be the main influencer on the model you’ll end up getting. Gone are the days when carpenters had to depend solely on the use of manual saws in order to accomplish a task. Although you can still use hand tools, such as crosscut saws, miter saws, hack saws and compass saws, it’s best to rely on power tools for heavy-duty tasks.

Versatile Uses

Brands, such as the Makita chop saw line, offer carpenters and individuals in the construction trade an efficient and quick way to cut rebar, molding, trim, 2x4s and metal studs for framing. For example, you can use a chop saw to make cuts for crown molding, moldings for interior door and window trims, lattice molding, cove molding as well as baseboards. Therefore, with a precision wood saw, you are able to make the appropriate cuts so pieces fit snugly and precisely to cover rough edges as well as joints and irregular contacts of wood or plaster.

Quick and Precise

The Bosch chop saw line, for example, offers a number of superior saws. Used in a number of cutting applications, such saws are well-suited to jobs where a large number of pieces of wood or metal are needed in a short amount of time. For example, the saws are ideal for framing jobs, where time is a crucial element. They not only cut frames at lightning speed, but are also designed to make precise cuts as well.

Wood vs. Metal

Needless to say, any wood or metal chop saw is an essential tool, especially in the construction industry and carpentry trade. The chop saw is typically manufactured to cut wood or metal. A wood saw and metal saw work in different ways. While a wood chop saw is designed to cut through wood with a toothed, metal blade, a metal chop saw uses an abrasive blade and grinds through the metal piece. Therefore, it’s important to distinguish between wood and metal chop saws as they are each used for different and distinct purposes.

The Abrasive Saw

Because it has an abrasive blade, a metal chop saw is also known as an abrasive saw. The disc blades for the saw wear our quite quickly; therefore, they must be replaced on a pretty routine basis. However, they do make any metal cutting work easier and can also be used to cut ceramic tile and related materials. They are light-weight and portable too.

Uses for Chop Saws

You can switch between using a wood chop saw and metal chop saw, depending on the job. While you can use a wood chop saw for such home projects as building decks or installing fences or trim, you can use the metal kinds of chop saws for cutting pipe for home or commercial plumbing and metal studs for interior framing. The Hitachi chop saw line, like the previously-mentioned manufacturers, is a superior brand to choose for sawing through metal or wood. Choose a saw for your workroom. It can easily be attached to a workbench or removed and transported if necessary.

The Internet is teeming with wood and metal chop saws. Select from such brands, as Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Ryobi , DEWALT and Ridged to make sure that you buy the best saw for the money.

The Best Chop Saw Reviews – Recommended Buys

Reviewing the Makita LS1013FL

Whilst researching the chop saw markets it has become apparent from reading chop saw reviews which ones are considered by most customers to be a good buy. Obviously you can go down to your local DIY shop and browse there to get a good impression of what size and make you think you’re after, but the internet cannot be beaten for gathering information and finding the cheapest prices! If you’re in the market to buy a sliding chop saw, then look no further than the saw made by Makita, or product number LS1013FL. The sliding saw comes with a one-year warranty, has a quiet motor and comes equipped with a 70-tooth blade.  Reviewers found that the saw was comparable to other more expensive models when it came to overall performance and convenience. Able to make exceptionally smooth cuts on boards up to a foot wide, the saw can also take on denser kinds of wood. In addition, the drop saw comes equipped with electronic speed control and a laser guide too. Compared to most brands of the same caliber, this model,  made by Makita, is far less expensive, or about half the cost of the other more costly brands, and  has many of the same features. Seemingly, it only has one functional drawback, and that’s its limited 45-degree bevel. The saw retails online for about $500.

Milwaukee Chop Saws

Milwaukee power tools has been delivering the best portable heavy duty power tools for professional users worldwide. Milwaukee chop saws are one of such great tools that are quicker, cooler, affordable, and cleaner metal cutting devices. The great performance of these modern chop saws has left behind the time when showers of very hot metals and sparks were a great aerial threat in metal construction jobs. Every Milwaukee chop saw shears the metal fast, gives a spark-free cutting experience, and delivers scorch-free perfectly smooth edges that do not require any finishing.

Milwaukee 6180-20 15Amp 14”

This Milwaukee chop saw is one of the best chop saws in the market. The D-shaped handle on this abrasive chop saw aids in great comfort while working. This abrasive chop saw has a 14-inch blade, and its powerful 5.4HP motor provides for easy and fast cutting even for very hard and tough jobs. The fact that there is no need of any tools for changing wheels shows that it is an extremely user friendly device. This metal cutting chop saw is a very stable device mainly because of the heavy duty aluminum base that allows for optimal support. Developed with 3/8 inch cast iron, the vise and the back fence enable us for stable cuts and solid guidance. The arm’s pivot point is raised up which helps in keeps the wheel’s centerline even at the lowest points of work. This Milwaukee chop saw has the greatest capacity in its range. Milwaukee covers this product with a 5 year warranty.

Milwaukee 6955-20 15Amp 12”

This Milwaukee chop saw is a sliding dual bevel saw with a provision for fine adjustment of miter angles by use of detent override. This assists in accurate miter cuts to a level better than all other metal chop saws in the market. Hence, working in a non-square environment is no problem now. A self zeroing mechanism is employed in the miter angle adjustment system which makes working on the entire miter range possible. The soft start feature enables to bring this Milwaukee chop saw to the cutting point without doing any damage to the metal surface. There is a lighting system in the machine that highlights the cut line and lights up the work piece giving a clear vision. This built in provision relieves us from setting up a separate lighting system. This Milwaukee chop saw is equipped with a constant power delivering motor to ensure quicker and cleaner cuts even in the hardest of the materials. It is also equipped with a revolutionary integral dust channel which captures as much as 75% of the debris and dust from both sides of blade and directs the same to the saw’s backside. Hence, with this great dust collection system, airflow is maximized and the work area is much cleaner.

Milwaukee 6370-21 13Amp 8”

This Milwaukee chop saw is a metal cutting circular saw that employs the cool cutting mechanism. The downtime of cutting is reduced as we can handle the materials immediately after cutting. This metal cutting chop saw is driven by a very powerful motor 3700 RPM, 13 Amp motor. It is equipped with very sharp cermet tipped teeth that enable the machine to cut through tough materials without any concern. This Milwaukee chop saw is the very first and the only chop saw that features a lower guard lever for retraction. This lever is aptly placed and handling is no problem. This great machine lasts as much as 25 years if used properly.

Buying Milwaukee chop saws, will give you high quality, extremely durable, and very reliable professional tools that would stay in your workshops for many years to come.

Rigid Chop Saws

Rigid chop saws are very economical power tools that give us a huge sigh of relief and say goodbye to the large amounts that other chop saw brands charge for their products. These chop saws are great professional tools that have delivered great performance in the past and have resulted in long term profits in the trade.

These special chop saws have been designed for very tough jobs and use in long work hours. The most important benefit of these chop saws is that they work on really powerful motors which help us to finish our work really fast. There are several other advantages of these chop saws, which would be more evident as you go through the following models.

Best Rigid chop saws

Rigid 10888 14 ” Abrasive Chop Saw

This Rigid chop saw has a very heavy-duty cast iron base that has non slipping rubber feet. It has a sturdy support which means that there are lesser vibrations during operation. The ergonomic D shaped handle has a great grip for maximum user comfort. Fence adjustment can be fastly and very easily made for angle cuts, and that too without the need of any tool. This Rigid chop saw has a die cast aluminum motor attached with brushes that are externally accessible and helul in dissipating heat. The worn bushes may be replaced very easily. It also has an arbor lock along with an arbor wrench positioned in it. A wrench that aids in very fast removal of the saw disk is placed under the saw. This Ridgid chop saw may miter 45 degrees both to the left and the right of the chop saw. It carries a lifetime warranty on it as well. Its very reliable 15 amp motor operates at as much as 3900 RPM. The 14” disk that comes with this abrasive chop saw is 3/16 inch thick and the arbor hole diameter is 1 inch.

Rigid CM1450 Chop Saw

It is a cut-off abrasive saw that is run by a 15 Amp motor. This Rigid chop saw has a 14 inch blade that may be used to cut anything really fast. It also compromises a 14 inch abrasive wheel, and an arbor wrench. It is very light with a weight of just 56.7 pounds which makes this Rigid chop saw extremely portable. Thus, using these chop saws lets us stay relieved as there is no need of carrying the very heavy disks we once used to carry. Hence, it is time to feel light while going to our workshop in the morning. Additionally, at work, we will now feel less tired because of the least weight of this Rigid chop saw. Material may be supported by the extensions available in this chop saw.

Rigid 15 Amp 12” compound miter saw with Laser

This Rigid chop saw has a 15 amp 3600 RPM powerful motor that runs a sharp 12 inch saw blade which cuts very smoothly through hard woods and tough jobs. It has very soft touch controls that aid for full comfort. Its repeat-a-cut fence is provided to mark the fence when we are to make some repetitive cuts. With this Rigid chop saw, we may make bevel cuts at 3 degrees till 48 degrees, whereas, miter cuts are possible between 0 degrees and 47 degrees. Thus, this Rigid chop saw provides the desired versatility in making a good range and type of cuts. In this chop saw, a laser alignment system is provided that enables for easy alignment of the blade along with the cutting line while working. Front-mounted clamp securely holds the material in place. A dust collection bag is also provided with this saw so working in your shop with the garage door open isn’t a problem.

The Ridgid Model 10888 CM 1450

Of course, if you’re in the market for a standard wood chop saw or metal saw, there are plenty of chop saws online. Major brands include Hitachi, the already mentioned Makita, Bosch, DEWALT and Ryobi. For example, Ridgid makes a model (10888 CM 1450) 14-inch Abrasive chop saw. It has a vise that releases quickly, so clamping is made simpler. The ergonomic D-handle on the metal saw supplies a good grip while the adjustment on the fence allows you to set it easily for exact cuts. The metal chop saw features heavy-duty, steel gears, a sturdy motor housing made of cast aluminum with a cast iron base and non-slip feet made of rubber to keep it solid and steady. Cost for the Ridgid model is a little over $200.

DEWALT’s Model #28715

Another 5-star rated chop saw is the DEWALT 14-inch saw (Model #D28715). What’s nice about this chop saw is that it features a keyless blade change system. Therefore, blade changes can be made without difficulty. The 15 amp, 5.5 horsepower motor excels  in performance and supplies more in the way of overload capacity. In addition, the vice permits quick clamping for varied sizes of materials, which results in more efficient and enhanced productivity. The saw includes four drilled holes in its base for easy attachment to workbenches. Its broad, steel base allows the user to cut longer pieces of wood or metal as well. This DEWALT saw is reasonably priced and retails for around $200 which makes it perfect for a plumber’s tool list. If you like Dewalt as much as I do, check out my choice of Dewalt for the best worm drive saw.

Ryobi Chop Saws

Ryobi Power Tools are innovative power tool manufactures that dish out power packed and pro-featured tools at affordable prices. Low price range of these tools makes them the best choice for hobbyists and value-conscious technicians. Ryobi chop saws are one of the good tools from Ryobi that increase the purchasing powers of the customers and expand their overall capabilities. After buying and using most of the models of this brand, you will suddenly be unable to justify the humungous amounts you used to pay for other high branded chop saws. Such is the power of the Ryobi chop saw!

Best chop saw models from Ryobi Power Tools.

Model # P500 (18 V- 5-1/2″ Circular Saw)

This Ryobi chop saw model has a powerful motor for high output and demanding applications. It comes with a laser alignment system that improves the cutting accuracy to a great extent. The in-line handle design is present to improve accuracy, whereas the over-mold grip enables for enhanced user comfort. This Ryobi chop saw has a left-side blade that presents improved visibility at cut line. Again, quick and very easy blade changes are possible in this saw due to the spindle lock which has an onboard wrench-storage. Overall, this is a good economical chop saw for people demanding chop saws in its range.

Model # TS1355LA (10″ Compound Miter Saw)

The heavy-duty 15 Amp motor installed in this Ryobi chop saw allows us to establish demanding projects applications in no time. The electric brake installed in this Ryobi chop saw stops the chop saw blade in a few seconds. The blade is carbide-tipped and hence smooth and clean cuts are delivered with this chop saw. Several miter angle cuttings are possible and there are 9 positive stops at the standard miter cutting angles. This compound miter saw comes with a table having extensions on both sides which serve the purpose of supporting longer work pieces. For repetitive cuts at same angle and location, we have the facility of extension stop blocks that may be repositioned for great speed. This Ryobi chop saw comes with an adjustable laser guide that allows for enhanced cutting accuracy by adjusting the line. Then its ergonomic horizontal D handle is adjustable and enhances user comfort. The dust bag included assists in keeping the work area clean. All these features make this chop saw a good power tool in the industry.

Model # TSS101L (10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw)

This Ryobi chop saw comes with a 120 V-60 Hz-13 Amps powerful motor operating at a speed of 5,000 RPM. The Exactline laser technology, and the 9 positive miter-stops allow even the beginners to chop and cut like skilled contractors. It has a spindle lock that facilitates very easy blade changes. Convenience is optimized with the miter table having easy to read scales, the miter fence, and the bevel. The cord wrap area in this Ryobi chop saw provides for quick storage. This chop saw is also equipped with dust bags, table extensions, positive miter stops, an ergonomic handle, an electric brake, and a carbide teethed blade just as the previous models.

As all these models of Ryobi chop saws deliver picture perfect cuts in a single smooth glide, there is no look to look for any other chop saw company if you are to go for household use. These chop saws are the lowest in cost amongst the high performance chop saw brands and very popular too. They are so popular that they are very hard to stay stocked due the newly famous remodeling craze a number of people are on.

Summing up, a Ryobi chop saw is a good choice for low price, high durability, great reliability, and utmost satisfaction.

Stihl Chop Saws

STIHL power tools have specially been built for hard construction jobs. These promise great quality, durability, long life, & reliability, and are trusted worldwide. Having these great features, they have created a great market and are very essential tools on worksites these days.

It is only the quality and performance of the chop saws that counts. As STIHL promises both of these, they have now become world famous manufacturers of professional chop saws. A STIHL chop saw is extremely powerful and very easy to handle. It provides greater power, longer product life, increased output, and increased safety. Hence, these chop saws have become a necessary part of the work kit of contractors and technicians worldwide.

STIHL chop saws are characterized by very strict quality standards, which coupled with great safety features, makes them better than their counterparts. STIHL chop saws should be bought from authorized dealers, and you will be guaranteed of original products, great service, and timely advice.

Best STIHL cut-off saws

TS 410- 3.2-kW STIHL chop saw (300mm/12”)

This STIHL chop saw is compact and robust and comes powered with a long life filter system that with a cyclone pre-separation eventually leaves no requirement of on-site maintenance. Very low vibration levels of around 3.9m/s² are experienced in this STIHL chop saw. It has a high performance engine that makes use of a stratified charge system. The compact design and the optimized design balance aid for some great cutting and guide features. This operates on a 12 inch cutting wheel, and consists of an ElastoStart, decompression valve, and primer pump. The Bayonet filler cap assists in free opening of the tool. This STIHL chop saw is either hand held or it is used by the help of the FW20 cart.

TS 700- 5.0 kW STIHL chop saw (350mm/14″)

This STIHL chop saw has a very powerful 5kW engine and is equipped with a 14 inch cutting wheel. Its air filter is employed with the cyclone air routing, and has a long life. The best of the positions may be set up using the very ergonomic design and are largely optimized positions. An ElastoStart plus, a decompression valve, and a compensator greatly help in cleaning the place. Another standard feature of this great STIHL chop saw is the water attachment element and the cutting wheel which comes as equipped with standard. Then the FW20 cart may be operated by hand or by the mounting of a FW 20 cart.

Hitachi Chop Saws

Hitachi products have always been instilling a new life into every work area of the modern world. Hitachi Power Tools have provided the world some ultimate tools which are perfect solutions to the increasing demands of the market. These are leading tool manufacturers in the global market.

Hitachi chop saws have emerged as perfect solutions to the tiring age old manual saws and also to the least durable electric saws from other brands. Electrical and mechanical contractors can always rely on these chop saws for minor as well as major jobs and projects. These simply shear even the hardest of the metals in no time. User satisfaction and comfort, product performance, and great product durability have been the highlights of every Hitachi chop saw. You may pick this versatile Hitachi chop saw to cut any material like pipes, shaped steel, conduit pipe, drywall track, channels, tubing, round bars, and angle iron.

Best chop saw models from Hitachi

Hitachi CC14SF 14-Inch Portable Chop Saw

This Hitachi chop saw has a 14 Inch blade and a very powerful 15-amp motor that may switch over to as much as 3800RPM for greater efficiency and faster cuts. It is built on a very light weight design and hence carrying this saw to your jobsite is not the same tiring experience which was the case with your previous bulky saw. This Hitachi chop saw has a trigger switch that is conveniently positioned on the saw. It has a lock off button which avoids inadvertent start of the saw to prevent accidents. Its adjustable fence enables easy use of the saw and allows for miters 45 degrees on both sides. User comfort is enhanced by the D shaped handle that absorbs vibrations that occur while cutting operations. A very quick release vise is installed in this Hitachi chop saw for easy material changes and its spindle lock aids in easy installation or removal of the cutting wheel.

The Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter

This Hitachi chop saw allows for very smooth and precise crosscuts and miters on a large number of work pieces such as wood, decorative panels, plywood, hard board, aluminum sashes, and soft fiberboard. It diverts sparks may be positioned at an angle that suits the work table space. It is also very light and is perfectly portable. This Hitachi chop saw makes use of tungsten carbide tipped saw blade and a 15 Amp motor that operates at 5000 RPM to develop the ideal cuts. Very fine thumb actuated miter adjustments are possible between zero and 52 degrees. It may bevel 45 degrees towards the left to provide us with great bevels. This Hitachi chop saw comes packed with a dust bag, hex bar wrench, vise assembly, and box wrench. Its flip fence may be extended to as much as 4 inches to work with ease and provide for accurate cutting of larger work pieces. The horizontal handle provides for maximum comfort by absorbing vibrations and a great grip while working while at the same time taking safety into consideration.

Hitachi C8FSHE 8-1/2-Inch Compound Saw

This Hitachi chop saw is a sliding compound miter saw that comes with a laser markup system to give us the exact alignment, and very easy operation. Unlike other chop saws, it is equipped with a very useful work light that illuminates the chop saw table and increases visibility from all work angles. This Hitachi chop saw makes use of a powerful motor operating at 5500 RPM. This powerful motor makes this Hitachi chop saw good enough to easily accomplish the toughest jobs. For reading the measurements very easily, there are positive stops on both of the miter and the bevel scales. Operation is not tiring as it has a very comfortable vertical handle that reduces vibrations and is fixed with an elastomer grip.

Rated very high by professionals in chop saw reviews, a Hitachi chop saw is a product to keep for lifetime. Hitachi chop saws are perfect for metalwork, concrete, woodwork, drilling, and fastening which makes them the best professional grade high performance tools.

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